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Teen Review: Night

Posted in Historical Fiction, Teens Read on July 5, 2013 by juniebeth

Book JacketEliezer is a Jewish teenager during the Holocaust. Eliezer and his family are forced to leave their homes abruptly and go to the concentration camps of  Auschwitz. Eliezer’s mother and sisters are immediately killed in the gas chambers upon arriving to Auschwitz. Eliezer and his father stay together throughout the entire time that they’re there. His camp is liberated and his father dies.*****

Review by Barbara


Teen Review: The Life Boat

Posted in Historical Fiction, Teens Read on July 5, 2013 by juniebeth

Book JacketIt is 1914 when Grace Winter and her husband sail out to New York. Grace plans on meeting her mother-in-law. This doesn’t happen because an explosion is set off and Grace is forced to get on a lifeboat without her husband. She is devastated, along with the other members of the lifeboat. Eventually, Grace and two other women on the boat kill another man to survive. The passengers on the lifeboat are finally rescued, only to be put on trial for murder.****

Review by Barbara

Teens review: Old man and the sea

Posted in Historical Fiction, Teens Read on July 2, 2013 by juniebeth

Book JacketThis is a story about an old man who after having 58 days of bad luck sets out to sea in search of catching fish since he is poor.He goes out further than the rest of the fishermen. Eventually he catches a fish, which turns out to be a giant marlin! The old fisherman tries to sail back to shore with the giant marlin pulling him.He arrives back on shore and finds that the giant marlin was eaten away by a school of hammer sharks.****

Review by Barbara

Teen Review: Walk About

Posted in Historical Fiction on May 29, 2013 by juniebeth

Book CoverA plane crashes in the vast Northern Territory of Australia,and the only survivors are two children from Charleston,South Carolina,on their way to visit their uncle in Adelaide. Mary and also her younger brother peter set out on foot, lost in the vast hot Australian outback. They are saved with maybe a chance meeting with an unnamed Aboriginal boy on walkabout. He looks after the two strange white children and shows them how to find food and water in the wilderness, and yet, for all that, Mary is filled with distrust. i found this book really interesting and awesome although there were some difficult parts to understand like the “seazure” of the aboriginal boy! all in all, it was very good and a little bit sad too.****

Review by Romel

Teen Review: To Kill a Mockingbird

Posted in Historical Fiction, Teens Read on May 10, 2013 by juniebeth

Book CoverI read this in my english class and it had to be my favorite book that i hav read in school. This book has a mixture of mystery, suspense, and action. i like how Atticus, the main character, stood up for what he believed in even though he faced the whole town. it shows that not everybody goes with what other people think, the only thing that should matter is what you truly believe in. i do not like how the book ends but thats what gives this book diversity. Definitely a must read book.****

Review by Mike

Teen Review: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nesy

Posted in Historical Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Teens Read with tags , on February 4, 2013 by juniebeth

Book JacketReview: In this story, kesey writes about the life of a mental hospital. The novel is narrated by the large but troubled inmate “Chief” Bromden, who tells the story of the rebellious Randle McMurphy, who faked insanity to serve out his prison sentence in the hospital. The head administrative nurse, Ratched, rules the ward with a strong fist with the assistance of three black day-shift orderlies, and her assistant doctors. McMurphy antagonizes Nurse , upsets the routines and creates the constant power struggles between the ward and herself. Spending all his time in the “loony bin” as they call it, he turns crazy and eventually is given a lobotomy turning him into a forever vegetable. Although this classic is not so easy to get into at first, it is a great novel to read.

Review by Joe

Teen Review: The Help

Posted in Historical Fiction, Teens Read on January 4, 2013 by juniebeth

Book CoverThe Help is set in the early 1960s in Jackson, Mississippi, and is told by a few women of the town including Aibileen, Minny, and Skeeter. The story brings to life how racism is portrayed in this time in America. Skeeter is a tall white woman who has just finished college and is trying to be a writer. She sets out to bring the African American voice to life after seeing the injustice from their employers. When she is able to get enough accounts with the help of Aibileen and Minny, skeeter, gets her book published and is told not to count on it going anywhere. They were wrong. This anonymous publication would bring Skeeter to her dream and New York, where she becomes part of harpers weekly, while Jackson?s women population explodes in frustration of being part of the revealing book. If you want a book you can?t put down this is for you.*****

Review by Joe